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Why Custom PC?

It’s Simple. Cheaper and more Effective.


It's simple. It's much cheaper and even safer compared to what you'd get from Dell or HP. Prebuilt computers limit the user in their options to upgrade and repair. Prebuilts also skimp on power supply options, preferring to use a no name brand with let's just say, questionable, safety standards and wattage. Here at In a Blink, only power supplies from trusted and acclaimed brands such as EVGA, Corsair, and SeaSonic are used. Custom built computers also cost the user much less too. Just compare this list on the left with this Dell Inspiron 3670! Here's another example, from a gamers perspective. Compare the list on the right to this Cyberpower PC Gaming Desktop! Another thing about prebuilts is their limited range of upgrades. Due to the nonstandard form factors commonly used by major manufacturers, users are limited in their range of upgrades. They can barely fit a new graphics card in! The power supply can also limit upgrades if the supply were underpowered. You can't power a 400 Watt computer with a 250 Watt power supply.  I hope this helped inform you. To get started with a custom PC see the PC Builds section for some premade lists, or you can contact me with your budget and your needs.

The Numbers Don’t Lie.

Why spend more for less?

Despite consoles looking cheaper and more economic for the long run, they end up being quite the opposite. Assuming you purchase two games a year, a headset, an extra controller, and all of the season pass type content for the Xbox/PS4, after two years you’ll end up spending more on your consoles than you would on your PC. These graphs are even made with the cheaper variants of the consoles. Besides, the PC used for the modeling is much more powerful than even the most powerful variants of consoles such as the PS4 Pro, or the Xbox One X. Additionally, you don’t have to pay for online play, like you would with consoles. Games are usually much cheaper (think $15 games instead of $60) on Steam, and contrary to popular belief, PC/Windows possesses the most exclusive games. The verdict passes - PC is a superior platform, short term and long term.

Prices of Major Consoles vs PC over 2 Years

All prices assumed in USD. PC pricing is assumed from the "Battleship" build on the PC page. For further data